Make your premises less attractive to thieves

Simple physical improvements can reduce the vulnerability of your business


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 1. Control access to your business.

Minimise access points and eliminate escape routes.


2. See and be seen

Keep outside environments clear of overgrown foliage and rubbish.


 3. Clearly define your business layout

Make sure access points to your building are manned and monitored.


 4. Show your business is cared for

Well-lit and cared for premises discourage covert activity.


5. Use active security measures

Use active security measures such as alarms and CCTV.


6. Manage and maintain your business well

Remove graffiti immediately after it appears (report to 301 0101, 24 hrs).


 7. Be vigilant - Keep your eyes on the street

Clear lines of sight - keep windows clear of posters, etc.


Don't advertise your business to burglars!

Let's make it as hard as possible for burglars to gain entry.

Doors - choose solid construction, preferably with no windows & locked
Locks - choose good quality locks to make it harder to gain entry
Windows - close and lock all windows before you leave your premises
Roof - limit access by securing ladders, bins, crates etc
Lighting - leave lights on when you're not there
Entrances/driveways - lock your gate and premises
Alarm - alarm all points of entry and install signs to show you have an operating alarm
Serial numbers - keep a complete list of business equipment and record all serial numbers
Keys and alarm codes - limit access to keys, the safe, computerised records and alarm codes
Safes - do not keep large amounts of money outside business hours; safes should be secured to the floor and not visible from the outside

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